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Here is Qonqotha Lyrics by Mzulu featuring Musiholiq.

Mzulu stays connected to the roots and heritage as he commissions a massive piece he titles “Qonqotha.” On this latest drive, the “Ingoma” hitmaker teams up with usual collaborator, Musiholiq, to complete the rout of the masterpiece on all fronts.

“Qonqotha” is simply a shut down of the circuit and its tribal, warriors anthem only makes it a magical piece that streams off from the very depths and the heart of the Motherland.

Mzulu again goes for the broke, having masterminded other efforts in the past including “Kuphelile,” which dropped in May. However, he was also influential to the success of Musihliq‘s “Imbokodo“ in August alongside Zakwe and MPK.