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Golden Black - Dan LaRusso Lyrics ft. Nasty C

Yeah Yeah, we alright ni**a
Move aside, ni**a you’s a hype
Owh my, fedi vibes when we pull up we don’t mind
Damn my b**ch love coke, she can’t afford it though
She wants some blessing blessings
That bitch be only stressing me
Threw a bone then she left, now we kick it Dan LaRusso
We don’t pretend, that we f**k with you
Ni**a who is you?
We don’t need to take notes Macy Grey
Feel like DMX in cradle to the grave
Karate chop (yeah), Japanese (yeah, yeah)
She goin’ suck my uhh, on her knees
I be laughing to the bank like Tony Yayo
Young Morita with the flow, you know it’s fuego